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Our specialist cameras allow us to look at your eyes thoroughly; even the parts that can't be seen

The first thing you can look forward to when you visit us at Eye Smile is a warm and friendly welcome. You want to be made to feel comfortable in your chosen optometry practice and we pride ourselves on our calm and relaxing surroundings.

Before you see the optician you will be asked a few non-invasive questions about your eye health and family medical history. These questions are nothing to worry about. They simply enable the optometrist to tailor an eye examination to meet your needs perfectly. Details of the different Eye exams we provide can be found here.

You can rest assured that your eyes are in the very best hands at Eye Smile. Our opticians each have a wealth of experience caring for vision. Your sight will also be tested using the most modern, advanced equipment available. This means that the results from your eye examination will be extremely accurate.

It's important that no aspect of your eye health is missed. For that reason we have invested heavily in specialist cameras. These advanced pieces of technology allow us to take in-depth 3D photographs of your eyes including the parts of them that can't be seen.

Once your eye examination is complete you will be given plenty of time to speak to your optician about any findings or queries you may have. You will then be handed over to one of our knowledgeable dispensing opticians who will help you choose your eyewear, should you require it.

To have your eyes tested at the practice dedicated to delivering a personal and focused service, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 020 8755 7900 or by sending us an email to opticians@eyesmile.com.