Technology ยป OCT Scanner

Our OCT scanner ensures you receive the most comprehensive eye test available

The majority of eye conditions do not have any noticeable symptoms, which makes detecting and diagnosing them incredibly difficult. However, by visiting one of our experienced optometrists at least once a year, you'll know that if a potential problem has been spotted, a treatment plan will be discussed with you immediately.

As your vision is arguably your most precious sense, you want to receive the most comprehensive and accurate eye examination that we can offer. To ensure this level of healthcare, our optometrists can scan your eyes using a revolutionary machine called an OCT camera (Optical coherence tomography).

Historically, OCT cameras were found in hospitals to help doctors diagnose complex and serious eye cases. However, more recently, selected opticians are able to use the specialist camera to help diagnose other serious conditions such as diabetes and cataracts

The OCT camera is the most superior camera available to eye health professionals at the moment, and we are pleased to offer you this level of premium healthcare for a small additional fee.

Please remember that the earlier our experienced optometrists can detect and diagnose a condition, the more effective your treatment plan is likely to be, therefore minimising any pain or discomfort that you may experience.

Here are just some of the conditions we can detect using the OCT camera:

  • Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular hole
  • Vitreous Detachments
  • Diabetes

For more information about the above conditions, or to book an eye examination then please call our friendly team today on 020 8755 7900. Alternatively you can send us an email to