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Our friendly staff have their own children and therefore understand your concerns

When your child visits the optician you want to know that their vision is in the very best hands. You want your little one to see a professional who understands your concerns, and is experienced enough to deal with any problems.

At Eye Smile our opticians each have a wealth of experience dealing with children, whether at home or in the testing room. So you can rest assured that our optical experts are all friendly, approachable and great with kids.

Your youngster can look forward to having their eyes tested in a fun and entertaining manner at our practice. Using various interactive methods and specially adapted equipment, our experts will be able to thoroughly examine your little one's eye health and visual capability.

It's extremely important that your child is having their eyes tested from a very young age; before they start school at the very latest. Up until the age of eight, it is possible to 'mould' children's eyes. This means that should a minor eye condition such as a squint or astigmatism be spotted, there is a high possibility that it can be corrected.

It has been proven that children with undiagnosed eye conditions can become frustrated with reading and writing tasks, leading to a dip in their academic grades. By bringing your child to see us just once a year, we can ensure that their eyes are in great shape and their vision isn't causing them any problems.

No matter what your child's reading capability is or how old they are, at Eye Smile we are equipped to examine all youngsters.

To book an appointment to have your family's eyes cared for by our team of optical experts don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 020 8755 7900 or by sending us an email to opticians@eyesmile.com.